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Is this thing on?

*The sound of cobwebs being blown off*

Wow, been a while since I poked my head in here.

Don't really have anything to say, so I'll just conclude.

Shows is good.

As my good friend maximkovalenko said previously, last Friday myself, him and djebatihethert  went to see Ayria, some band called War Tapes and VNV Nation at the House of Blues in Chicago.

Now, not everyone's a huge fan of VNV Nation but I myself love 'em, even with Ronan Harris' uncanny resemblance to Michael Chiklis in "The Shield".  The songs are pretty much standard electronica/industrial fare, BUT it's the energy Ronan Harris brings to the stage that IMHO sets them apart.  Judge for yourself:

Ayria was OK, even though 99.9% of their show depends on Jennifer Parkin's energy level, and she seemed dog-tired.  Of course, they've been touring about non-stop for at least a year (it's scary to think that the Cruxshadows/Ayria/I:Scintilla show was almost a year ago) so I can certainly understand being tired.  War Tapes were surprising; very reminiscent of old-school Misfits before Danzig began to think his feces didn't stink.

Regardless, it was a good time, catfish and all.


Thus it begins.

The new age of DGN has begun, and the first page of Chapter 14 is now live.  This is also the last artwork by me you're going to see for a while, as maximkovalenko has taken over artistic duties for DGN.  Rest assured, DGNites and Norikoholics, that I am still on-board writing the tale, just no longer alone out there doing my thing.  I believe that the finished product will speak for itself.  When this chapter's over, you're going to have seen what DGN is really all about, I promise you.

So join us, won't you, as we begin the story of Dragon Girl Noriko Chapter 14: The Dream Child.

In other news, I may have to post a pic soon of me wearing the first ever official DGN t-shirt.  Could be a dynasty in the works here, kiddies.  :)


The end has come.

The final 2 pages of Chapter 13 are up today and tomorrow.  And then.....Chapter 14 begins immediately thereafter, featuring daily (YES I said daily) comics as part of a very special story.



Jun. 24th, 2009

NEW DGN IS LIVE!  Next week, a special treat: 2, count 'em 2 updates for Chapter 13's grand finale!


It's an all new DGN kind of day!  It's wrapping up with the crew on Earth, and Paul finds out some things he didn't expect.....


Late Night DGN Musings

Back in May, I quietly celebrated the 4-year anniversary of Dragon Girl Noriko.  I didn't make a big hoopla about it, I honestly think I only made a tweet about it and didn't say much else, because at the time, it's future was kind of grim.  It's not easy, really, making a computer-generated comic when you don't have a computer.  But somehow, through a lot of real-life problems, a lot of nervous breakdowns, and a sizeable handful of personal tribulations that I pretty much kept to myself and Mary, it's somehow endured to keep being the single longest artistic project I've ever done.  At present, there's somewhere in the neighborhood of 535 pages done (though about 8 of those are upcoming and not released yet) and sometimes I have to sit back and think about what it is I've done here.  No, DGN isn't the most read or most popular comic on the Internet, but it's my baby and I'm proud of what it (and I, for that matter) have accomplished.  I've taken it from a rarely-read and completely unknown comic to something that people worldwide read and love.  It's good.  It's really bloody good, in my humble opinion.  And it's about to get great.

The beginning of Chapter 14 is locked and loaded and waiting for the end of Chapter 13.  It's going to be intense, fast-moving, frightening in places, and sometimes you're going to cheer, and sometimes you're going to cry.  It's going to run the whole range of human experience and emotion, and what's been done so far, I'm really proud of.  I couldn't think of a better partner than maximkovalenko to entrust the artwork for something that means so much to me.  Honestly, folks, if I hadn't literally grown up with this man, and been close friends for the past 30 years, there's just no way in hell it would have happened.  What we have planned for you, good readers, is going to blow your minds and make you reassess just what you think about this comic.  If you didn't like it before, give it another try soon.  And if you did like it, you're going to love it.  It's finally going to be exactly what I have always wanted it to be.  You'll see, and soon.  And you will never look at anything anime/manga style the same way again.  I can pretty much promise you this much.

Triumph and Joy,

The beginning of the end!

The end of Chapter 13, anyways, in an all new DGN.  And kids, Satsuki's back!  ;)



DGNiverse status during the downtime

As my computer has ONCE AGAIN died, obviously some things are going to have to be put on hold.  So here's where everything stands:

Dragon Girl Noriko: This will continue uninterrupted.  There was enough done ahead of schedule to finish up the entirety of Ch. 13 and once we get into Ch. 14 the new artist (<lj user="maximkovalenko">) will be taking over rendering duties.  We are going to have a new DGN page every Wednesday, hell or high water (and that includes today, should you wish to peruse it).

Obsidian: Laylah Triumphant:  Sadly, this is going to bear the brunt of the situation, i.e. it's going to be put on hiatus until such time as I can get moved out of the electronic death camp I currently live in, which I have little choice to do since I can't afford to be dropping a new power supply into the machine (much less get a new one) every couple of weeks.  Next Monday will be the last Obsidian until I get everything back online, and Gods alone know when that will be.

DGNiverse Wiki: I will *try* to continue working on this.  It's going to be easier than any other project simply because it's going to be all text.  Once I get the source code in place and get all relevant entries done, then I will open the floodgates.  I still imagine this is *at least* a couple months off, as I don't have a hell of a lot of free time to play around with code.

Donor Pages:  I'm heartbroken to say it, but until I have a machine I can render on, this too is going to have to be put on hold.

The Painfully Random Adventures of Lukas and the Astounding Spork of Power:  I don't know if this is ever going to see the light of day.  I didn't even have a chance to complete character designs, much less have anything completed and ready for reading.

That's where all relevant projects are as of right now.  I will keep everyone posted as to any changes in status for anything.

On a personal note, this REALLY sucks.